Congrats Elements of Architecture!

We recently completed a website redesign project for Elements of Architecture.  They’re a local, women-owned, architecture design, planning and management company.

It’s exciting to hear that they have been nominated as a finalist for this year’s Small Business of Year awards from the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce!  They are in the 1-10 employee category.

From all of us at Creative Magma, we wish you the best of luck!

Cable TV Slipping Down the Hill From Being King?

Chances are that you or someone you know owns a Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console.  Microsoft recently unveiled their latest update as it was downloaded by the millions of  Xbox owners in America.  To get specific, there are roughly 58 Million Xbox consoles across the US.  The growing, diversified population, that is getting their “TV Fix” are increasingly going to different sources other than just the cable and satellite provider. Continue reading

Fun Stats from Amazon’s 2011 Christmas Shopping

Being one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon can definitely provide some insight into e-Commerce strategies and trends from the past year. Look, at this point, if you sell things and you still don’t understand the value of having a powerful e-Commerce website with a good marketing and SEO strategy, well good luck to you! If your current site lacks that conversion factor, give Creative Magma a call! Ok, enough with the pitch, on to the fun statistics from Amazon.

Continue reading

For the Love of God! Update Internet Explorer!

Internet Explorer… the mere name can make web developers cringe.  I think IE has come a long way over the past decade.  Do I use?  Well, not exactly, but then again I don’t fall into the majority of the US population that does.

One of the major issues with IE has been it’s various versions from IE7 to today’s IE 9.  Unfortunately not everyone updates their version when the newest one comes out.  I think that has something to do with how FireFox for example will scream at you when there is a new version available for download. Continue reading

Mobile Experiences. To app or not to app?

Are you considering a mobile app for your company or team?  We recently reviewed a mobile strategy and thought we’d share some insight in developing the right mobile tool that will help your marketing and your business.

We wanted to consider what would make the most sense… Go with a native app or develop a highly capable mobile website portal? Continue reading

Real time analytics! See what your visitors are doing right now!

The insanely popular and easy-to-use web analytics service, Google Analytics, just released “Real Time” data reporting.  Traditionally you would have to wait a day to see data collections about visitor usage on your website.  This was fine, but it became nagging when you had that immediate market push that has a short life-span and needs to be measured right this second.

Well, today that has changed.  Administrators with Google Analytics will be able to see data results from visitor traffic and website usage in real time.  This can be huge for measuring immediate reactions and early success instead of having to wait hours or days.  However, as with any marketing campaign, you need to get enough data to produce an accurate test sample.  Nonetheless, this can dramatically change the way you measure the performance of an online campaign.

Some of the interesting pieces will play a role with social media.  That seems like a given, since Facebook and Twitter are lambasted with status updates at break neck speeds.  Being able to track the immediate results of posting a link to your website can be tremendous.

You will need to update your Google Analytics to the newest version to find these new real-time reporting options.

Don’t have analytics at all? Interesting in learning how to measure your website’s success? Give us a call today! You can’t effectively measure your interactive marketing campaigns if you one, don’t have a baseline and two, can’t track your website visitors!


Click here to read the full story from the Official Google Analytics Blog
Picture from Google.

Don’t Leave Your Mobile Visitors Hanging

Do you search the web on your mobile phone or tablet? Well, of course you do! Mobile web surfing has been on an exponential rise year over year for quite some time now.  We might as well just get rid of the term smart phone and just call them phones again.  Smart features are now ubiquitous standards that we have come to expect.

Don’t you hate it when you try to browse a website and you have to pinch and expand the screen to see the text and then move around? Boy! That’s a pain.  Now, think of those times when you browse a website and it’s tailored to your small screen with nice big buttons your fingers can actually press.  Ahhh.  So nice! So easy, right?!  So why are you putting ads out into the public and having a website that gives them that same feeling you get with a website that is not tailored to a mobile screen size? Continue reading local charity launches new website

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for a local charity called, “Run the Creek” hosted by ChapelCreek.  Creative Magma was touched by their work and the terrific things they do to help needy families out in times of hardship.  So, we put together the logo, all the design creative and website development pro-bono.

Run the Creek is an annual event that hosts a 1 Mile fun run and a 5k Run.  All proceeds and donations go towards a specific family each year.  This year the focus was on Kale and his family.  Kale was born in 2011 where he had been relatively healthy all throughout pregnancy.  Due to complications during the brith, he suffered from HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy).  The family faces hospital bills in excess of $100,000.  On top of all that, we were regretfully informed that Kale passed away on June 21.  So, his family is in need of love and support more than ever.

We invite you to explore the new website at  Wait, actually, we urge you not only to visit the site, but to take part in this great excerise of giving to those less fortunate whether it be time or money.  Click Here for Race Information.  We look forward to seeing you all out there!  We’re a competitive bunch at Creative Magma so get your running shoes ready.  We can’t promise to lose gracefully.

So, check out the website.  Make a donation.  Become a Sponsor.  Run the race.  Come out and support Run the Creek!

We forge new brands and blaze new trails at Creative Magma and sometimes we have to sit back and simply do good things.