Meet our new Marketing Intern!

My name is Tu Anh Dinh and I am currently a senior at Texas Christian University. Being the newbie working as Marketing Intern in the Creative Magma family, I am very excited to learn from the job and work with all of the Magmen. Unlike what I learned in school, working at Creative Magma shows me much more about the working atmosphere, like Basecamp project management, active online Skype collaboration, and how the open-environment office can facilitate the work process. It’s really demonstrating the importance of communication in business!

Being an international student from Vietnam, this is a whole new experience for me to explore opportunities in the States. From getting to know many new cultures, falling in love with Thanksgiving’s green bean casserole to waiting in line for Black Friday sales , I am thoroughly intrigued! I hardly stay at home the entire day without going anywhere because it’s like I get my mood charged around people.

I enjoy outdoor activities with friends, however, due to this gloomy weather lately, I prefer to remain indoors.  My chilling moments will be watching movies or shows such as Modern Family, Two Broke Girls, Ellen, ANTM, etc.. I might find myself getting around to painting with good music on, or redecorating my apartment while Mimi constantly checks out what is happening (Mimi is my chubby cat–I love pets).

Just like all the Gen Y people, I am actively an online person especially with mobile devices. You’ll find me on Facebook, Instagram frequently for my pictures, checking Pinterest updates and reading the news daily. The opportunity working as a Marketing Intern at Creative Magma not only allows me to learn new experiences–I’m also finding much joy in doing the job. So even though there might be challenges ahead, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.

Farewell Monique!

As the youngest and shortest member of Creative Magma, I felt extremely nervous to start . Before my internship, I only wrote copy for professors and the clients given to us in class; I didn’t have real-world technical writing experience. Interning at Creative Magma helped me write more clearly and improved my creative and technical abilities.

Miraculously, my ability to dodge tennis balls and NERF pellets also improved dramatically.

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Webpages in 90s

Remember 1995-2001?

Remember making your first website in Geocities? Remember how you used comic sans font, or something equally as awesome (awful)?  Your site was probably covered in gifs. If you could figure it out, you probably even had some song that would play obnoxiously loud through the speakers whenever you visited your site. But it was the 90s and it was pretty tight.

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