Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

There are moments in life when you realize it’s time to make a change for the better. To update your conscious, if you will, and freshen up a bit. To re-imagine your intentions and update your style that you may grow, evolve, and progress into the unknown future of our ever-changing world. Just as we encourage our clients to do on a regular basis, our small team has been extending the additional time and effort to tend to our brand. We acknowledged that it was time to schedule extra hours away from client work to internally review everything. As a company, we had to ask the essential questions, “Where are we NOW? Where are we heading? How can we improve?”

After countless hours of internal review, brainstorming, meetings, and thoughtful deliberation, we had ironed out an official plan—we formalized a process and procedure to propel us into the future. We decided to schedule internal updates–change– into our daily work routine because, as a small business, we know that there’s plenty of room to grow. We acknowledge that we must spend a little time in front of the mirror everyday to make sure we like what we see; if something isn’t looking right—if we don’t like what we see—let’s make the proper adjustments. It’s an evolving process.

We are applying the changes.  We’ve tidied up our brand, updated the logo, stripped away the clutter, simplified our messaging, and worked over-overtime on what we believe to be one of the most important assets of any company: a beautiful, clean, modern, optimal, original website. We are proud of our work and eager to improve. Click around our site for a while and let us know what you think.  Your comments will let us know what we are doing right, and how we can do better.

Change has never felt this exciting. Thanks to all who have tracked our progress through the years. Keep checking back with us to see what we’re up to and how we’re evolving. The future is looking bright.

Tips for Service Marketing

 Business always requires transactions between buyers and sellers. The process of generating high transaction rates, however, becomes more difficult in the highly competitive market during an industry or economic slowdown. Consumers evaluate purchasing decisions more closely to determine whether products or services are worth their listed values or not–that is to say, if they are willing to spend the money.

Many consumers initially Google what they’re looking for before making purchasing decisions and can even spend hours researching competitors and past reviews to make sure that they are proceeding in the most sensible manner. Because service is intangible, purchasing decisions usually take longer because there are higher risk levels and anxieties about going with something new–something more immediate, or different.

So, what makes one company’s service become more valuable than the next?

Here are five key elements that differentiate companies from their competitors:

1.     Reliability – This is the core competence that services offer based on the consumer needs. For example, when a client wants advice on how to increase traffic to his/her website, does the service succeed in driving visitors? Is the service generating more revenue?

2.     Responsiveness – This includes the time it takes for a service to respond to client inquiries, answering phone calls, maintaining 24/7 online support, and the proper maintenance other communication based services. Responsiveness allows the service to be more visible to potential clients. Staying up to date with the latest trends and events also helps the firm adapt to the appropriate business environment.

3.     Empathy – The positive attitude of service providers, sincere greetings, and effective problem solving behaviors keep clients around longer.

4.     Assurance – Service providers should be knowledgeable of their expertise and provide top quality service with confidence and guarantee.  Feelings of assurance inspire trust and solidify long-term relationships with clients.

5.     Tangibility – Companies should display immediate visible incentives through their website with a clear mission statement and demonstrate the effectiveness of previous works. The consistency of branding elements and office décor help establish a stronger foundation of your company’s structure to outsider perspectives.

Overall, the quality, environment, and presentation of a service is just as important as the service itself.  Once these five elements are in focus, companies should never lose sight of their importance.

Super Bowl XLVII sum up!

Each year, Super Bowl season comes with inevitable excitement and eagerness of millions. Though not an official holiday, it sometimes feels like one with millions participating in one  ritual or another–ordering takeout, delivery food, or going to bars to watch the game–often behaving maniacally. Salsa, dips, spread, wings, pizza and all kinds of chips become top sellers exceeding all other sporting events.

During Super Bowl season, people expect more than just  a good game.  Exclusive commercials from some of the top brand names premier at top dollar for millions of dollars and millions of viewers. This year, the average cost of a 30 second spot is around $4 million compared to the $2.7 million in 2008. Despite the skyrocketting cost of advertising, brands relentlessly broadcast creative advertisements. For example, Oreo took a stand with a hilarious commercial that featured a “whispered fight”.  Dodge Ram produced an unexpectedly moving story with the slogan “So God made a farmer.” Doritos’ new ad campaign is wildly hilarious.


The event brought a big boost to social media platforms, and I mean BIG. According to Marketing Land , while 50% of Super Bowl commercials mentioned Twitter, only 8% of commercials mentioned Facebook. This modernly smart marketing method utilizes hashtags to make commercials more interactive. Users are easily able discuss events with others in real-time, spreading the word for brands and generating buzz about their messaging. During this season, the most outrageous buzz focused on the blackout.  Twitter chatter of the power outage reached an insane amount of 231,500 tweets per minute with a grand total of 3 millions tweets over the night. Wow. Brands also took advantage of the occurrence and hash tagged away: Oreo first tweeted, “You can still dunk in the dark” ; Tide cleverly responded to the circumstance, “We can’t get your blackout. But we can get your stains out.”

Super Bowl XLVII is behind us now, but its heat remains for the next few days as people continue to generate buzz about the event, searching for their favorite commercials, or tracking the ridiculous amount of money involved. Whether your team won or lost–whether you enjoy football or not–one thing is clear: the Super Bowl is a large enough event to bring people together in the fast world of today, stimulating the market place and a collective culture in ways that are oh so interesting to observe

Marketing Trends 2013

1. Integrated social media marketing
This is one of the new trends in 2013. Companies will build their brand using different social media platforms to offer real-time interaction with prospects and customers. Integrated social media includes the firm’s website and email while social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn continue their march to main webpages in order to increase more sale leads.

2. Brands will be defined by content, not titles.
With the ever-expanding growth of mobile devices, consumers more than ever demand personal interaction. Marketing becomes significant in generating leads by using personalized content. Brands have to create relevant information that speaks to the wants and needs of their target audience. Smart content should deliver the right messaging to the right customers in the right time.


3. Brand data
Google Analytics has been the first step in branding data and it will become more popular with more competitive analysis data, consumer data, and metrics that generate more detailed insight from customers. Data will carry out a more effective plan within firms’ product development, business strategy, and marketing function.

4. Go mobile or fall behind
More than half of all American customers own a smartphone with different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.. For this reason, 9 in 10 marketers have mobile sites or mobile applications while 1 in 5 run mobile marketing tactics as part of their integrated marketing strategy. This trend is becoming more significant in keeping the loyal customers in touch with brands on a personal level.

5. Pictures are worth 1000 words
Images usher in the new era of fast-pace working with large amounts of information. Newer trends such as infographics, photos, picture boards, video, and other forms of rich media will increase since it saves consumers’ time to process overloads of information. Pinterest is one of the newer social media platforms emphasizing facts through pictures–users can pin their favorites on their own personal boards. Pinterest is considered the potential mainstream social media platform in 2013 that may challenge Youtube as the second leading social network site.

The Problem of Representation in Social Media

Have annoying friends or followers on any of your social media accounts? “Annoying” may seem like a harsh judgement (we are often hesitant to call people out), but more than likely you have passed this judgement on others, based on their seemingly unbearable presence on the internet. Many folks out there blindly represent themselves in the realm of social media, unaware that the type and amount of content that they’re sharing is directly contributing to how they are perceived by peers, colleagues, friends, and followers

What makes their presence intolerable? What makes YOUR presence on the Internet appealing??

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Open Streets Fort Worth & Creative Magma, Inc.

Open Streets Fort Worth 2012 Designed by Creative Magma, Inc.

Creative Magma is gearing up for Fort Worth’s 3rd Open Streets Car-Free Festival on April 29, 2012! We’ve participated since the beginning and are very excited to see and meet the crowd of this year’s festival! For those of you who don’t know what the Open Streets Festival is, it’s car-free, carefree, and the actual festival is free! It’s a time of leisure, human interaction, entertainment, and good ole’ fun on your two legs. Everyone around Continue reading

Glenn Ligon at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas

Glenn Ligon (b. 1960), Hands, 1996. Silkscreen ink and gesso on unstretched canvas. 82 × 144 in. (208.3 × 365.8 cm). Collection of Eileen Harris Norton © Glenn Ligon

Glenn Ligon is an American conceptual artist that was born in the Bronx in 1960. He graduated with a BA from Wesleyan University and participated in the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He explores multiple angles of self-identity through his work, which spans from sculptures, prints, drawings, paintings, mixed medias, and more. Continue reading