Tips for Service Marketing

 Business always requires transactions between buyers and sellers. The process of generating high transaction rates, however, becomes more difficult in the highly competitive market during an industry or economic slowdown. Consumers evaluate purchasing decisions more closely to determine whether products or services are worth their listed values or not–that is to say, if they are willing to spend the money.

Many consumers initially Google what they’re looking for before making purchasing decisions and can even spend hours researching competitors and past reviews to make sure that they are proceeding in the most sensible manner. Because service is intangible, purchasing decisions usually take longer because there are higher risk levels and anxieties about going with something new–something more immediate, or different.

So, what makes one company’s service become more valuable than the next?

Here are five key elements that differentiate companies from their competitors:

1.     Reliability – This is the core competence that services offer based on the consumer needs. For example, when a client wants advice on how to increase traffic to his/her website, does the service succeed in driving visitors? Is the service generating more revenue?

2.     Responsiveness – This includes the time it takes for a service to respond to client inquiries, answering phone calls, maintaining 24/7 online support, and the proper maintenance other communication based services. Responsiveness allows the service to be more visible to potential clients. Staying up to date with the latest trends and events also helps the firm adapt to the appropriate business environment.

3.     Empathy – The positive attitude of service providers, sincere greetings, and effective problem solving behaviors keep clients around longer.

4.     Assurance – Service providers should be knowledgeable of their expertise and provide top quality service with confidence and guarantee.  Feelings of assurance inspire trust and solidify long-term relationships with clients.

5.     Tangibility – Companies should display immediate visible incentives through their website with a clear mission statement and demonstrate the effectiveness of previous works. The consistency of branding elements and office décor help establish a stronger foundation of your company’s structure to outsider perspectives.

Overall, the quality, environment, and presentation of a service is just as important as the service itself.  Once these five elements are in focus, companies should never lose sight of their importance.

Wanted: Web Developer Intern

Job Description

Creative Magma is looking for a Web Developer Intern that’s looking to build quality client work for his/her portfolio.  If your innovative mind is curious about the interactive work experience, you’ll fit right in. Even more so if you’re talented, or at least familiar, with custom JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP or asp.Net.

You’ll work closely with our small team and founder in a highly skilled agency whose clients demand quality on time and within budget.

Send your resume, relevant samples of your work, and any additional questions to

While you’re at it, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Environment– Deceptively laid back, fun, informal, small agency with an intense work ethic. You’ll be working on great equipment with current software in comfortable surroundings.  Creative environment overall.

Desired Skills & Experience

The Candidate – Our ideal web developer intern is on the road to becoming pro.  He/she intuitively maintains a passion for web design and marketing.  They are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about good work in the industry. Detail oriented, organized, efficient—remaining friendly and positive while working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.  Confident and progressive, etc..

Must-have characteristics:

  • Gotta be organized
  • Work independently
  • Manage time well, juggle multiple responsibilities, etc..
  • Take constructive criticism well
  • Be willing to learn new skills and tasks
  • Have a passion for the industry

Services Provided:

  • Multimedia Design and Implementation
  • Web Design and Development
  • Internet Application Development
  • Creative Packaging and Advertising Design
  • Persuasive Copywriting
  • Extensive Internet and Print Marketing Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Success Consultants

Additional Information


Internship – non-paid, but potential for hire


Mid-Senior level


Art/Creative, Design, Advertising


Marketing and Advertising

Super Bowl XLVII sum up!

Each year, Super Bowl season comes with inevitable excitement and eagerness of millions. Though not an official holiday, it sometimes feels like one with millions participating in one  ritual or another–ordering takeout, delivery food, or going to bars to watch the game–often behaving maniacally. Salsa, dips, spread, wings, pizza and all kinds of chips become top sellers exceeding all other sporting events.

During Super Bowl season, people expect more than just  a good game.  Exclusive commercials from some of the top brand names premier at top dollar for millions of dollars and millions of viewers. This year, the average cost of a 30 second spot is around $4 million compared to the $2.7 million in 2008. Despite the skyrocketting cost of advertising, brands relentlessly broadcast creative advertisements. For example, Oreo took a stand with a hilarious commercial that featured a “whispered fight”.  Dodge Ram produced an unexpectedly moving story with the slogan “So God made a farmer.” Doritos’ new ad campaign is wildly hilarious.


The event brought a big boost to social media platforms, and I mean BIG. According to Marketing Land , while 50% of Super Bowl commercials mentioned Twitter, only 8% of commercials mentioned Facebook. This modernly smart marketing method utilizes hashtags to make commercials more interactive. Users are easily able discuss events with others in real-time, spreading the word for brands and generating buzz about their messaging. During this season, the most outrageous buzz focused on the blackout.  Twitter chatter of the power outage reached an insane amount of 231,500 tweets per minute with a grand total of 3 millions tweets over the night. Wow. Brands also took advantage of the occurrence and hash tagged away: Oreo first tweeted, “You can still dunk in the dark” ; Tide cleverly responded to the circumstance, “We can’t get your blackout. But we can get your stains out.”

Super Bowl XLVII is behind us now, but its heat remains for the next few days as people continue to generate buzz about the event, searching for their favorite commercials, or tracking the ridiculous amount of money involved. Whether your team won or lost–whether you enjoy football or not–one thing is clear: the Super Bowl is a large enough event to bring people together in the fast world of today, stimulating the market place and a collective culture in ways that are oh so interesting to observe

Farewell Monique!

As the youngest and shortest member of Creative Magma, I felt extremely nervous to start . Before my internship, I only wrote copy for professors and the clients given to us in class; I didn’t have real-world technical writing experience. Interning at Creative Magma helped me write more clearly and improved my creative and technical abilities.

Miraculously, my ability to dodge tennis balls and NERF pellets also improved dramatically.

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Webpages in 90s

Remember 1995-2001?

Remember making your first website in Geocities? Remember how you used comic sans font, or something equally as awesome (awful)?  Your site was probably covered in gifs. If you could figure it out, you probably even had some song that would play obnoxiously loud through the speakers whenever you visited your site. But it was the 90s and it was pretty tight.

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Without a Shave: Day 81

I assumed the beard would have progressed to his cheekbones by now. The fur is lying dormant on his face. It’s remaining tame, but for how much longer? I watch Brian scratch at the beard from time to time when he’s standing over Angel’s shoulder. Sometimes he strokes it while he’s staring at his computer in thought. I think he’s making sure it doesn’t feel threatened.

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Arts Goggle Fall 2012

Arts Goggle 2012 was a success! After going through everything, we’ve flooded flickr with pictures of you. Check ‘em out, find your photo, and relive Saturday’s events. Also catch your pictures on our Facebook! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and THANK YOU for hanging out. P.S To all you moochers who drank all our beer, we’ve still got plenty! Come back soon and party with us, soon!

Who Reigns Supreme in the Mobile-verse: Apps or Sites?

In a decade where everyone is equipped with an Android, Blackberry, or an iDevice, the demand for mobile content is rising. Gauntlets are thrown, everyone is choosing sides, and a debate has launched. Which is better: mobile apps or mobile websites? I bravely picked up my iPhone, tied my bandanna tight, and grabbed a snack. I needed to settle this war once and for all.

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Unveiling of New Parenting Center Site

If you don’t know what The Parenting Center is, they’re a nonprofit that provides services for children and families in the Fort Worth area. Since 1975, TPC has specialized in child abuse prevention and intervention. Today, they’ve expanded to offer counseling for parents, children, and families. As if helping kids and families wasn’t awesome enough, they’re located just around the corner from our office!

To show how much we support and appreciate them, we’ve created this new website.

We are proud supporters and we hope you will be too. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

We worked hard to create a credible webpage that both we and The Parenting Center could be proud of. We added tabbed browsing and drop-down menus to the homepage, along with an image slider to showcase classes and upcoming events. We felt that a donation page was a must so The Parenting Center could accept electronic donations. An event calendar with online forms was incorporated to allow for easy class registration. We used images of children and simple backgrounds to add an adolescent feel. Words and phrases were even underlined with crayon-like font.

After months of coding, editing content, and cleaning, we finally completed the new website. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a charitable group.

Meet Our New Creative Copywriting Intern

I’m Monique Sheppherd, the new Creative Copywriting intern. As a junior at University of North Texas, I am currently majoring in Technical Communication with a minor in English. I speak HTML with a dash of CSS and a sprinkle of WordPress. I’ve been known to log at least ten to twelve hours a day, proving that I have no life outside of the world wide web. I hope to rock Creative Magma with intriguing social posts and excellent ideas for its clients. I’m ready to surf any wave this ocean of interning can give me. I’m here, I’m awesome, and I’m excited to work with the MagMen!

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